Programming For Automated Stone Machine Cutting

We provide accurate, reliable, and affordable programming for automated machining tools to cut stone fabrications for kitchen countertops.

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We know how important it is to get the job done right the first time.

Thanks to our specialized software and team of professionals, our services provide accurate and cost effective CAD and CAM programming for stone fabrications so that your company has faster and seamless installations every time. 

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A Kitchen interior with white cupboards and brown flooring

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Our affordable services are proven to help avoid a number of expensive installation problems such as: over and under cut lines, material waste, and unfinished edges.

Our programming is highly detailed to account for appliance pieces, edge finishes, polishes, backsplashes and more!

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What We Do

Computer Aided Design (CAD) (CAM) Programming

Using CAD we can create accurate measurements for saw cutting and CNC programming for automated machining tools...

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With our skilled specialists and advanced software we can provide bookmatching and veining of slab layouts with cutting measurements and 3D visualization of the finished result...

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3D Visualization

With our skilled designers, we can provide full 3D modeling and kitchen rendering to show what the kitchen will look like with the new counter tops...

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Step 1 Measure


Take kitchen countertop measurements as you usually would.

Step 2 Choose


Choose images of the stone you want to use and send it to us with your measurements.

Step Three Cut


Receive ready to cut directions for your machine in as little as 8 hours.


Ask us today about how our services can be tailored to fit your company’s needs.

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